4 Card Spread. Manifesting Destiny, Basic Guidance and Challenge.

The Manifesting Layout helps you understand what you genuinely bring into being by pursuing a particular course of action.  Card Reading scroll down

What is the current situation?

This question helps you to get a clear picture of the current situation. What is happening? Who is involved? What are the challenges or obstacles? By answering this question, you can start to get a better understanding of the situation and the challenges you are facing.

What is the challenge or obstacle?

This question helps you to identify the specific challenge or obstacle that you are facing. What is the one thing that is preventing you from moving forward? By identifying the challenge, you can start to look for ways to overcome it.

What is the guidance or support?

This question helps you identify the guidance or support available to you. Who can you turn to for help? What resources are available to you? By identifying the guidance and support, you can start to make use of it to overcome the challenge.

What is the outcome or next step?

This question helps you to visualize the outcome or next step. What do you want to achieve? What is the next thing you need to do? By visualizing the outcome, you can start to take steps to make it happen.

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Manifesting 4 Card Spread. Basis, Challenge, Guidance and Manifest Destiny.

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  1. Basis it is the situation. General energy that is affecting the situation.
  2. Challenge. What are you challenged too, develop or learn.
  3. Guidance. What the spirit wants you to know about your question.
  4. Manifest Destiny Card. The outcome of the situation and what will manifest in your experience.