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Crystal Energy: Myth, Mystery or More?

  • Crystals , stones and mystery

    The Magic of Crystals.

    The magic of crystals. The power of Crystals and there meaning. Chrystal's come in different shapes and different colors. Each one is unique in their interpretation. Get a crystal Card reading here you will be surprised, how accurate it is....

    Get a Crystal Card Reading ....
  • The Magic of Dragons

    What is so fascinating on dragons? Dragons are mystical creatures and come in different cultures with good luck. Get your crystal dragon card reading here...

    Get your Christal Dragon Card reading here
  • the power of angels

    The Magic of Angels. Do you believe in Angels?

    Angels have greater power than humans. Angels are around us. Do you believe in Angel numbers and their meaning? Get your angel card reading here....

    Get your Angel Card reading here

“The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.” —Dolly Parton

Crystal reading

Angel Tarot Card Readings.

Daily, Monthly , Yearly and special Tarot card readings for you.

Thinking of changing your career, finding the love of your life, Wanting to know if you should move to another city? Angel Tarot Card reading and Crystal Oracle Card reading are full of insights. Get clear on what you want. Crystal Oracle Card readings and Angel Tarot Card readings are empowering and spiritual. Get excited to see what the Cards hold in store for you.

What Crystals can do for you

Crystal Energy: Myth, Mystery or More? Secret Code ....

Crystals are one of the most powerful tools, mother earth has given to us.

The Awaking of something more, we start to accept the wholeness of the ecological system. We are in the process to accept Mother Earth ( Gaia) and the Cosmos.
There is a thin line between knowledge, predictable outcome and metaphysics. The study of what exists is challenged by a new order of mysticism and about the ultimate truth.

Pranic Healing wit Crystals

Pranic Healing detox your body in a splash.

Pranic Healing with Crystals. Cleanse and Energize your Chakaras.

Pranic Healing is a highly developed and tested system of energy treatment. As the word says it already it works with Prana. It is a way to transform the body’s energy process. In Sanskrit Prana means LIFE FORCE.
Pranic Healing with Crystal Power is a invisible bio-energy that keeps the body alive and maintains a healthy mind and body. Do maintenance for yourself.

Feng Shui your Home and Office

Feng Shui your Life, Money,Home and Office .

You are part of a bigger Plan. Your Environment Matters. Living in Harmony with Nature.

Working in an office or working from home, let's face it needs to be productive. It is not easy to get all under one hat. We all want the same, more income, better health, a bigger home a better relationship with our spouse and kids? Feng Shui is so much more than putting some Deco items around your home. It is proven science.

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Mind, Body, Spirit, Dragons and Crystals
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Mind, Body, Spirit, Angels, Dragons and Crystals.
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Hi there! I am Sylvia and you can book an appointment with me.

Do you want a Angel Tarot Card reading Crystal Oracle Card Reading , Feng Shui consulting, a private mind set session or Pranic Crystal Healing session ?

Before you can earn more money, or fall in love after failing many times, you need to change your mindset. Oh yes it is so easy said, but in reality we think about it make up our mind and go eventually back to where we started our pattern of not allowing us to have what we want in life. My Mission is to empower you to fulfil your higher purpose by breaking free from the patterns and self imposed limitations. Often your inner powers are left dormant as you do not know how to access them. Let me help you to find your true calling and find the inner peace.

Feng Shui yin and yang balance

Feng Shui your office for success. How do the 5 Elements play an important Role in your life?

Feng Shui your Office for success. Work like a pro and become efficient, creative and improve

Cleansing and protecting your aura

Cleaning And Protecting Your Aura every Day. Shine your light throughout the day.

Cleaning And Protecting Your Aura for adults and kids.  Why do most people take a shower

cleansing and charging your crystals now

Why is it so important to Choose, Cleanse And Charge Crystals like Marcel Vogel?

 Cleanse and Charge Crystals and Stones. When you get into crystals, you should never forget that

19 stone tumbled set

A Deeper Look Into Angel Tarot Card Reading

What can you expect from an Angel Tarot Card Reading? In today’s fast-paced world, people are