Cleaning And Protecting Your Aura for adults and kids. 

Why do most people take a shower every day? Is it the feeling of being clean, refreshed or just the daily Habit? Feeling clean and fresh on the outside is important, as it shows on the outside. Feeling good on the outside puts a glow on your face.

Did you know that cleaning and protecting your aura is like a detox?

Cleaning and protecting your Aura

So, taking a shower does really wash away all the dirt visible and invisible?


There are energies you just can’t wash off. Taking a shower doesn’t clean your mind or what is going on in your brain, there are energies you are confronted with a day out and day in…

What about the inner freshness? How do we keep our Mind, Body, and Spirit in alignment?
There are many reasons why Cleaning And Protecting Your Aura is essential.

When do you know that you should cleanse your Aura?

Do you feel lethargic, nervous, stressed, uneasy, restless, drained, tired or just not feeling well in your skin. After a while, things will take form in your Aura throughout the day, and your emphatic state might pick up the negative energy from someone else.

That is an indication that your Aura needs a deep cleanse. 

Kids are very sensitive to picking up that negative energy from you, or around them. It is like the flu when one child in kindergarten has the flu most of the time other kids get it too.

You can also do Aura Cleansing for your Kids or you show them how to do it.

1. Cleaning and protecting your Aura with charged water.

You can charge your water under the moonlight and sunlight, and add clear quartz, rose quartz and amethyst to the water. Some People also recommend a pinch of salt, but I use the water without salt not to hurt the crystal structure. ( you can use the crystal bottles offered here)

Leave the water with the crystals for one day charging it with moonlight and sunlight.

Remove the crystals and keep them in a place ( like the window sill where they can charge themselves.) Add a few drops (3 drops each) of lavender essential oil or Boswellia essential oil to the water. ( lavender essential oil is good for cleansing and psychic protection.) 

cleanse your aura with charged water

Shake it and pour it into a spray bottle. Use your intention and meditate for 5 minutes on what your intention is. ( if you can not meditate, close your eyes and think about how the water from the spray bottle cleanses the person or yourself. ) 

Begin always with the crown chakra. You must spray the water in a counterclockwise motion up and down your body. Make sure to do it properly and not just a few drops. As you get a bit wet, don’t wear your most expensive suit or clothes.  

2. Taking a spiritual Bath for clearing your Aura

Water has always been one of the best elements to cleanse anything. In ancient times and even in the bible, water always represents life. Christ walked on water and changed it into wine.

People are baptized with water symbolizing a purification of the soul. You can shower and use the Himalayan salt to wash your body, or you can take a bath with pink Himalayan salt. 

Use a quarter of a mug to a full cup of pink Himalayan salt. Mix it with water and pour it over yourself from the neck down when you shower.

Imagine a bright white light surrounding you, and it washes away the negativity. That will clear your auric field. 

You can do the same sitting in the tub or standing up when you take a bath. Don’t stay too long in the bathtub afterwards. 

Cleans your Aura with the power of white Roses

Close your eyes as you take a deep breath. Breathe in through the nose and breathe out through the mouth. Lift up your hands and keep them open like holding a little bird in your hands.

Imagine light flashing out from your hand palm, choose colour white or gold if you like another colour you choose one. Envision six white roses. ( Making a crystal grid in your home or garden is fun for you and your kids. Crystal  grid sets you can get here different grids )

The grid shows the Flower of Life. 

crystal grids

Begin with the back of your head on both sides of your body and behind you. Hold the Roes to your heart and feel the love. Then say slowly, moving counterclockwise around your body…

Cleanse my Aura, Body and Field with pure love, pure light and pure source energy.

Bless yourself with pure love, pure light, and a pure source of energy when you are finished. 

If you ask why Roses? Because Roses are a magical symbol of healing and protection.

This is a good way you can also do with your children. Before they go out of the house. 

Now that you know how to cleanse your Aura it is time to protect your Aura.

Protecting your Aura with a colourful bubble.

This is the most commonly used way of aura protection. It is done quickly, and kids love it. 

You can do this alone for yourself or together with your children.

Close your eyes and imagine that out of your feet are growing roots. Inhale and Exhale. 

A white light comes down to you from above through your crown chakra. Inhale and Exhale.

Imagine the white light and let it travel through your body down to your feet. 

Inhale and Exhale.

Put colour to the white light, pink, orange, red, yellow, whatever colour you like, extend the light sidewards and create a giant bubble around you. 

Let it grow bigger and bigger; hold it. 

You can bless the bubble around you with love, light, and happiness. Anything you feel comfortable with. 

Now seal your bubble, make a tight knot and pull it to the inside.

This 19 unique tumble stone set you can buy here.

19 stone tumbled set

Inhale and Exhale.

Now think to yourself ( speak out loud if you do it with your children)

All the positive can enter in any form, and the negative will stay away and outside. I am protected throughout the Day. ( If you do it with your children, say… We are protected throughout the Day. 

You can do it for up to 1 week for your children. But do not forget that before you protect your Aura, you have to clean your Aura. 

Crystals do protect your aura too. Especially Crystal palm stones and Crystal pyramids. 

My kids when they went to school and felt insecure for any reason, went back to their room and got their hand stones and took one of them to school.

Crystal Palm stones are great gifts for kids if you attach a story to them. The favourite stones my kids used are labradorite, Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite, Amazonite, and Jasper. (Boys)

Girls use to like shiny colours like Amethyst, Selenite, Rosequartz, Amazonite, Citrin,

Crystal Pyramids for protection Crystal Palm stone labradorite









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