Feng Shui your Office for success.

Work like a pro and become efficient, creative and improve your well being.

If you work in an office, you spend most of your time in your workplace. It counts for more than one-third of our time. Sometimes we get the feeling of being trapped and we need to change.

Feng Shui your Office for success is easy, simple and logical.

Feng Shui your Office for success

Anyone who works in an office spends at least 8 hours a day there. It is familiar to Feng Shui your Office in small or big cooperation’s in Asia.

The known Feng Shui Practitioners in Asia are Lilian Too, Joey Yap, Vincent Koh and also Ken Lai. Lilian Too and Joey Yap both learned from Master Yap Cheng Hai.

 We have been assigned to a particular space or desk in an office working environment. The work we do each day counts towards our performance. How can we perform if we do not balance the setting we are working in. Unfortunately, we have little or no influence on our desk position or where we sit. 

Unless you are a Top paid manager or work in upper management, you can choose your Office and arrange it to suit you best.


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Your Office Space and your environment. 

Office Space is getting more and more expensive. Most have cubicles to make an office affordable today; we sit in a tight space together. There is not much room to choose where you want to sit or where your desk is placed. What is behind your back or what is in front of you?

Have you thought that even the smallest office space correctly organized and arranged can improve your working environment?

Feng Shui your Office and work more efficient. 

Here are a few tips to avoid confrontation with Colleagues and misunderstanding. The competition these days is harsh, and we can not always avoid conflicts and arguments. Minor problems can quickly get out of hand, start to bother, and work becomes a real hassle. Out of experience, when something is bothering you, the focus will be drawn to what is bothering you. 

Do and Don’t in a working environment. 

1. Move away or eliminate any sharp objects.

Pointers edges that point to your front and back, like letter openers, bookshelves etc.

Have doors on the shelves or cover the books and files if you do. The books or files pointing at your back or heart are like sharp knives.

2. Windows are great in an office.

If you cover the window with Curtains or Blinds, never leave it uncovered. Natural light is important. Select blinds that are light colours and brighten up your space.

3. If you sit with your back to the door…

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Use a mirror and put it into a position where you can see who enters the door and approaches you from the back. Who likes surprises. It is easier to see someone come in than to be caught by surprise. (A colleague can literally backstab you over a promotion, salary increase, etc.)

5. Choose the right chair that suits you.

If you can, choose a chair with a great supporting backrest and two armrests. A good Chair is a gold investment for your posture and spine. Your body will thank you.

6 . Place your desk into a power position.

In Feng Shui, you have 4 good primary directions; sit at least in one of your good directions. You will be surprised how productive you can be seated in the right direction. Sitting in a direction that suits you will enhance your work and energy instead of draining your energy. 

Have you seen or known people and friends who work 10 to 12 hours a day and still go nowhere in their careers? Place them in a different direction. You can see how quickly they become more productive and successful.

Don’t stack your desk with files over files; keep your desk clean and organized.

7. Place some objects on your desk that trigger inspiring memories coming from your heart. ( don’t clutter)

Looking at motivating things triggers memories and will improve the mood when you are stressed and under time pressure. 

We, as humans, are the same as plants. If we feel good and nourished, we grow and flower. If you don’t we will slowly deteriorate. Sitting in the wrong direction can drain your energy, and make you feel tired and worn out. 

If you look to increase your wealth, find a nice place for this beautiful Activating Prosperity Tree.

activating prosperity tree

You can display the Activating Prosperity Tree anywhere in your home or office to attract an abundance of luck for the family, or in the NE to boost the #8 Wealth Star. 

* The charms are packed separately. To activate wealth luck  hang them on the Prosperity Tree. 

8. Put some plants and water elements in your Office. ( the colours blue and navy blue are belong to the water element) 

Want to know your four good and four wrong directions, send me a mail and I will send them to you. 

Decorate the place in a simple and not in an OTT style ( OTT means over the top)  use beautiful artwork that inspires and calms your mind. 

9. Use colours that complement each other and consider what element you are. 

Feng Shui and colours. How important are the colours in Feng Shui?

Colours are important and they can either weaken you or energize you.

Green, turquoise = Wood

Red, orange = Fire

Blue, dark purple, and Black = Water

Yellow and brown = Earth

White, Grey and Silver = Metal

If you are not sure, hire an expert as it will pay off. 

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You see Feng Shui is easy and simple. Feng Shui your Office for success.








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